Opened in 2008, Alternative fitness is Cambridgeshires longest running PDC certified pole dancing studio & Peterboroughs only

PDC certified




Providing lessons for women of all ages and abilities, in a friendly, supportive, ladies only environment.

Classes are kept small to provide everyone with ample time on the pole.


Our PDC Certified/Approved instructor has 14 years of pole dancing experience and is entered on the register of professional instructors, holds professional indemnity and liability insurances and follows the PDC codes of conduct......

so come along and enjoy

keeping fit, in a safe, secure, friendly and supportive environment!!!!!!


Never miss a lesson again!!!




Ask at the studio for more information



For intermediate and advanced students only


Safety Agreement


For your benefit

there are strict safety measures in place at the studio.


Please ensure you adhere to all safety measures at all times.


1, You should never perform inverted or climbing moves without a mat and spotter or under close supervision of your instructor. Your ability to perform all climbing and inverted moves must be assessed by you instructor and must only be performed with her approval.


2, For individuals who have learned elsewhere, your ability must be assessed and approved by the instructor before you will be allowed to perform any aerial move unaided.


3, If you are at all worried or unsure about performing a move speak to your instructor. NEVER take risks.


4, If you are suffering any pain or discomfort inform your instructor straight away.


5, You are responsible for keeping your pole clean. This would also include not wearing any moisturisers or lotions that can cause slipping. Socks are also a slip hazard and should not be worn during class.


6, NEVER enter some else’s spinning space. You should always be aware of the people around you.


7, DO NOT interrupt your instructor while she is explaining something either to the class or to an individual. Your input and advice is not required, can cause confusion and is unhelpful to both instructor and class.


8, While conversation and discussion concerning a move is normal and allowable you should NEVER under any circumstance attempt to instruct the class or an individual student.


If an individual student is unsure about a move she should ask the advice of her instructor and not the advice of another student.


9, You must only perform moves that you have been taught to do by your instructor or moves which have been approved during assessment. Do not copy anything you see another person doing during class. This includes beginner moves.


10, You must also read all health and safety posters around the studio and adhere to all rules mentioned.


If anyone continually breaks any of these rules they will be asked to leave without notice or refund

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