Moisturising grip aid for pole dancers. With added Organic Arnica Extract.


Everyone knows they shouldn't moisturise before a pole class.

But having dry skin causes grip issues too! How do we find a happy medium?


Never suffer from grip issues again. Unlike some grip aids which create an unnatural, too sticky grip. This product will create a NATURAL, even grip in minutes, with no residue left on the pole! With the addition of Arnica which is great for minimizing bruising.

Perfect for entire body. Just spray on lightly, rub in and your good for the whole session, no need to reapply.




Kiley - reviewed That Grippy Stuff — 5 star

Hi! I just wanted to say I LOVE your product !!its been amazing. I pole a lot and my skin has become quite dry, I’ve got so many brands of grip aid that I’ve tried over the years and yours is perfect. Days when I’m dry it moisturises enough to give me some tackiness and days when I’m a little slippy it’s also great to mix with a liquid chalk so I don’t over dry and it’s leaves no residue, so it works amazingly on my hands too and doesn’t effect any other points of contact when I’m on the pole


Lisa - reviewed That Grippy Stuff — 5 star

Does the job brilliantly,

I really like this product it feels lovely on, and doesn't leave a residue, smells great too...

Even better love that it uses organic products........



Bexiita - reviewed That Grippy Stuff — 5 star

Really liked this! I usually use Dew Point and found this did the job just as well. All my students loved it too. Great for a little extra leg grip without stickiness or feeling too stuck.



Anastasia - reviewed That Grippy Stuff — 5 star

Love this, it's amazing! Gives me plenty of grip without causing friction burns. Perfect for climbing, grip points but doesn't stop you spinning.



Andrea - reviewed That Grippy Stuff — 4 star

Love this stuff!! Helps me out when my shins aren't cooperating!!



Daisy - reviewed That Grippy Stuff — 5 star

Brilliant product! Don't need to put masses on to help with grip but at the same time it's not too grippy so that you can't slide.